Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Elizabeth of York and Baby Jaybus

Some rather festive things to show you this time.  First, although we eschew Christmas decorations and have for many years, this year I decided to make a surreal manger with the Baby Jaybus.  Found a wooden manger at Goodwill for $2.00.  I shoved in one of my many dolls and augmented it with hay, animals, lights and decorations.  Thanks to hot glue, the thing I almost never use except for when I want cheap and quick results.  The manger is about 12" wide and tall.  See what you think.

My most recent listing in the shop is "Elizabeth of York at the Tudor Hotel."  I combined various handmade elements to create this, and I'm extremely pleased.  The woman was valiant and self-sacrificing in her mission to unite the houses of Lancaster and York by having babies for Henry VII.  One of those babies was Henry VIII, so way to go, Liz!

So glad I bought that huge roll of recycled hand-dyed sari ribbon.  It's just the right color - colors, actually, being shades of green and brown - for so many things.  And strong.  The "Rm. 12" bezel is one of the last of my "faux French enamel" pieces.  I love the look of black and white, as always - and this makes a great pseudo key fob.  Did they have key fobs in the middle ages?  

Elizabeth's portrait looks a heck of a lot like a Holbein.  Then again, Holbein was so popular that all painters were copying him then.  The rumor has always been that Elizabeth was utterly beautiful, and one wonders if that was really the case.  I've seen her wooden effigy head at the Museum of London, but that was carved for her funeral.  Why oh why didn't they have digital cameras then?  It would have made life so much easier.  Silly medievals.  

A close up of the reversible button band.  I taught myself to do this from seeing a picture of one.  I use waxed linen cord.  These are so very flexible and comfortable on the neck, and they can be made while sitting in the living room watching TV.  This time I incorporated a metal ring on each end while I was making it, which greatly simplified attachment to the sari silk.  You can figure this out.  It's a simple threading process.  

So that's about it.  Trying to avoid everyone else's stress is doing me in a bit.  Seems there's nowhere to hide.  Everyone snapping like alligators in heat, and using the end of the year rush or the season or something else as an excuse.  Humans make strange choices.  Who would know from their behavior that 'tis the season to be jolly, fa la la?