Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kiss my jump rings

Little donuts of steely goodness.
How grateful am I to have wrists like strong tree trunks?  Sure comes in handy when I have to sit down and make steel jump rings!  I wind the 18-gauge wire by hand around a mandrel, then cut each link separately with flush cutters, then wiggle the ends until they are together and give each jump ring a tap or two with the nylon hammer to work-harden it.  I do this because, so far, no one else makes affordable steel jump rings of the right gauge and quality.  Yes, I suffer for my art.  

I've been working on a couple of lines that came about by accident.  One is the "Kiss My" series (title suggested by spousal unit) which involves my handmade clay buttock units.  This part of the anatomy is humorous in many ways, and a lot of word play in terms of titles is available.  So far there are three in this series, seen here.  
Blue Bottom Bells

Pumpkin Butt

Our Lady of Perpetual Hiney

And finally, two shots of my main worktable as it was this morning, without prettying it up.  Just to prove goodness can come out of chaos.  How do I keep pieces of stuff from getting into my teacup, you ask?  I don't.