Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just Checking In

I'm in a rather routine type of doldrum.  Nothing particularly noteworthy is occurring on the exterior or the interior.  In my youth I would have gone out and stirred up some trouble at a time like this, just to feel alive.  In my wise old age, I know that flying off to Europe with no money and nowhere to stay inevitably leads to difficulties.

Richardson Twigg
Here is the piece I just finished.  In my current creative slump, I've entitled it "Richardson Twigg," and it's for sale in the shop, link at top right of this page.  No doubt if I were in another mood I'd call it something like "Retail Madness" or "Neapolitan Crescendo"  I really do like this piece, and I plan on taking it out for its test drive as soon as I can summon up the energy and desire to leave the house and associate with humans.

I'm also dealing with what appears to be a chronic hormonal situation.  The less said the very much better, but you try never sleeping more than two hours in a row for months.  Make even the slightest effort to imagine you've been speared on a steaming rotisserie in a burning malarial swamp, and see how chipper you are.  [Rant about asshole doctors deleted.]

On a more congenial note, here are some lovely pictures I've run across lately.  I store them in my "Blog" file for use either on the edges of the page or smack dab in the middle, thusly.

One of those bizarre Victorian cards.  Perhaps there really was something called the Catville Toboggan Slide, but in every respect other than marketing the artist has taken complete leave of his senses.  Cats do not like rides.  They do not sit upright in that manner.  They do not like to have lap robes tucked around them (God knows I've tried), and they would never have taken a kitten on such a dangerous venture.  That kitten is surely going to die.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this drawing was done very quickly, at the last minute, for a client who had tragically shallow pockets.  Cat having fun, kitten in trouble - and voila, one very crappy ad is born.

Still, there is a certain bizarre charm here.  Which is why I've shown this to you.

I am intrigued by this map.  It is obviously drawn from a very different perspective to the one we have today.  I think about how our set-in-stone designation of north as being "up there" is really entirely arbitrary.  It's the same Earth from any perspective at all.  Early mapmakers weren't subject to modern conventions.  This ends up looking like a cross-section of a tumor, or a photograph of algae or an oil spill.  That dull aqua exists in no landscape but this one, and it's very pleasant.

Finally, the incredibly spectacularicious early Broadway musicals, created by very creative boys who made women look fantastically, impractically beautiful.  They created frothy, surreal concoctions like this, redefining over-the-top with each production number.  What is this woman standing on under this huge bell? and please tell me there is a toilet in there somewhere.  Maybe this is a fluffy hut in a magical fantasy land and she is the chimney.  Whatever was going on in the mind of the creator, this is part of a fantastical dreamscape created at a time when special effects software was not even on the horizon.  Bravo, you creative artists of yesteryear!