Friday, April 10, 2015

Flirting with Cradled Boards, Chickens and Hogs

I love making jewelry, even though I don't wear it very often.  Each piece of jewelry is a small sculpture.  Given adequate inspiration, jewelry goes together fairly quickly.  There are always several technical issues to solve, but nothing too taxing.  Jewelry is fun.

Looking at a blank canvas, on the other hand, can be terrifying.  Try it with a piece of paper right now.  I'll wait.

And yet I also like the feeling.  I also like cradled boards, which are smooth wood surfaces with attached sides of varying depth.  My latest series of collages is done on cradled birch panels.  For the most part I'm using the 10x10 inch boards because I find them to be a manageable size.  I like the 1" depth.

I also like old woodcuts and illustrations of animals, when I can find any online that Shutterstock hasn't appropriated.  Graphics Fairy is a good source for these, as for so many other amazing images.  I found a picture of a chicken, and away I went.

The original Perl Emory the Chicken was something I made for myself.  I posted it on Facebook, just to share.  After a week or so I was asked if I'd sell it.  "Uh, sure," I responded.  Since then I've made several more Perl Emory boards, and just now a rather alarming Clement Richard the Hog board.  With the exception of  Perl Emory #4, which I'm planning to keep for a while, they are listed for sale on the Sprockets Inside Etsy site (link at top right of this page).   Here is Clement Richard the Hog:


The Perl Emory Series uses the same graphics and general layout, but there are significant differences, and each one is an original.  I'll provide the fronts of the Perls here, for comparison.  As you might imagine, these are very fun to make.  Their reverse sides are painted as well, with sawtooth hangers at the top and felt bumpers at the bottom.

Perl Emory #2
Per Emory #3

Perl Emory #4
Check back soon for something completely different.  Time is short, and I have miles to go before I sleep.