Sunday, April 26, 2015

How Well Do You Know Fiona Dorothy?

Our Etsy vintage and supply shop, Fiona Dorothy, is overseen by Fiona Dorothy herself.  Her unique paws-on approach ensures the highest quality customer service from order to fulfillment.  Nothing gets by Fiona Dorothy.  And yet she's a cat, so she communicates through facial expression and body language. How well would you understand Fiona Dorothy if you worked here?


1   a.  Did you answer those convos?
     b.  Hey, are you taking a break?  I don't think so.  
     c.  Did I hear the phone ring?
     d.  It's time for my nap.


2.  a.  What's that on the top shelf? 
     b.  Is there room here for all our new inventory?
     c.  Lower that price.
     d.  Lunchtime!


3.  a.  That sale went well.  
     b.  I'm pleased with your photographs.  
     c.  Have you worked on our listings today?  
     d.  I need a nap.


4.  a.  How are we doing on Google?
     b.  Reorganize those items.
     c.  Stop talking and work.
     d.  Look at my tummy!


5.  a.  You've all done pretty well today.
     b.  When I open my eyes, you'd better be dusting.
     c.  Make me a sales chart.  
     d.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Scoring:  No points at all for a, b or c answers. The correct answer is always d.  There would be more options if Fiona had more than four toes.  

FIRST PRIZE:  Free visit to FionaDorothy 
SECOND PRIZE:  Two free visits to FionaDorothy
THIRD PRIZE:  You get the idea.