Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Old Bagsy and the Rites of Spring

Here at SI headquarters, Mr. Sprockets and I have a fierce competition in the spring.  We each claim points for spotting the "first" of several seasonal categories.  These include - but are not limited to - woodchuck, robin, chipmunk, crocus, grackle.  

Old Bagsy
The competition can get pretty emotional.  So far no blood has been shed, although day-long sulky silences are not unusual.  When Mr. Sprockets calls a first - which he does by yelling "BAGSY," (this term is apparently common in his native Yorkshire but sounds completely insane when screamed in Ohio) I counter by telling him he's obviously spending far too much time looking out the window and I threaten to call his boss. One year, in desperation, I pulled the shade down in front of his desk, and he didn't notice for several days.  I got "DIBS" (the proper terminology) on everything that year, and he didn't know why until five minutes from now when he reads this blog.  

Naturally, I am the more observant partner in our relationship.  This is true in fact, and it's also true because the
Robin, aka Rupert
person writing the blog naturally claims all virtues.  Bagsy.  And yet it's true that my husband does seem to notice firsts more often.  Perhaps, like a rodent, he is extremely sensitive to small movements in his field of vision.  I have almost no peripheral vision, so I am operating at a handicap.  Still, given my extreme artistic temperament, you'd think I'd notice almost everything first.  I will take a moment now to work furiously on an excuse explanation for this phenomenon.  Ah, yes.

In my advanced zen-like state, I am much more in tune with the continuity of life at all levels.  I perceive the manifestations of that continuity as facets of the continuum and not as events in and of themselves.  Therefore, the normal and natural ebb and flow of various species is not something I find particularly noteworthy.  How's that?

Woodchuck, aka Groundhog
At any rate, so far this season HE has spotted the First Grackle, First Woodchuck, First Chipmunk and First Crocus.  I have First Robin and First To Stomp Foot In A Snit.  There is no truth to his assertion that if I become more verklempt about this he will soon be calling Bagseys on a motel overlooking the highway.  It would be sad for him to be there, nose pressed against the window, calling "BAGSY on Chevy, BAGSY on Ford" into the night.  

Disclaimer:  No animals or plants were harmed in the making of this blog, except for the ones we ate, and they were more assimilated than actually harmed.