Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Tubes

Let us suppose that, in the not so recent past, a defunct control center was found on a dead planet. Floor after floor of levers, wires, dials, sprockets, tubes.  The original inhabitants left no written evidence to provide clues about the center's function.  Scientists spent years studying the various machines, but without any understanding of their purpose or power source, they were left with more questions than answers.  The site was officially sealed, with only one lone scientific team left to ponder the mysteries. The public forgot the discovery.  

A few of the smaller tubes eventually showed up in the hands of questionable vendors in small, dark shops on certain grubby streets.  A call was made.  I was shown the tubes on the condition that I would conceal their location.  

Years later, I have recreated the tubes from memory.  I have named them according to the powers and purposes I suppose they might have originally had.


I will reveal some, but not all, of the ingredients that go into many of the tubes.  

1.  Vacuum tubes.  These are not especially fragile objects.  Vacuum tubes usually failed in use due to overheating, and even then they didn't break.  In constructing the tubes, I seal them with at least one coat of epoxy resin, which makes them even stronger.  The glass nubbin at the bottom is always covered with a protective nut or other device.  

2.  Embellishments.  The sky is the limit.  Examine individual tubes.

3.  Coatings, stains, resins.  Most of these are proprietary, which means I could reveal the ingredients, but then you'd have to disappear on a deep space run to Rigel Prime.  No one wants that.

The process of creating each tube takes several hours, not including drying times of various coatings.  Every tube is unique, but they are all embellished with wraps, glazes, washes, collaging, jewels, antique and vintage beads, vintage wires and strings, and any other item which needs to be added for them to be complete, in order to fulfill their nature and function.


Before listing, each tube is attached to a custom hand-created cord which complements the tube and augments its abilities.  The end product is an eminently wearable complex encrustation of fiber, metal, paper, jewels and words -- a fascinating baroque jewel. 

I offer these tubes in my Etsy shop.  See the "Tubes" category to find all of them at once.  New tubes will be uploaded frequently.  Here are a few of them.